A Minor Music


A Minor Music is a non-profit project initiated, and currently driven by, Malthe Ivarsson. It aims to communicate the many beautiful electronic tracks being produced in Iran and through sound, video and still photos, it will talk about the circumstances of producing and performing electronic music in Iran. Leaving you to enjoy the music and hopefully encouraging you to explore deeper into this world of music.

Minor Music will produce several outputs, first a radioprogram, aired on the Danish experimental radiostation The Lake Radio. Available along with information on the artists featured in the program on this page.

The final goal of A Minor Music will be a feature length film about the scene. A documentary type introduction to the scene, its artists and its circumstances. The film will be available for free download along with an album compiled by tracks featured and not featured in the film.

A Minor Music would love to have more collaborative sides to it, if you want to collaborate or have collaborative ideas do not hesitate to write at: contact@minormusic.org